Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Famous!

Check me out! I don't know how she found me but she did and now I have my very own limerick!!!
Thank you, Karen Jo and kitties all around!

I hurted my back recently. I don't remember how but I've been wobbling around with my tail tucked under for several days and MomDad took me to the ManDogDoctor yesterday. She poked on my back and it hurt in one place and made me yelp in pain. So she sent me home with medicine that mom sneaks into cheese and I pretend not to notice. It just makes me sleepy. I'm supposed to take it for four more days and then see how I feel. RIght now I feel crummy (except for the exciting news up above!) so mostly I just lay around and sleep. MomDad are taking great care of me. Scarlett doesn't understand why I won't play with her right now. I did try to play Tug with her earlier today to save Mom from getting her arm ripped off (she was playing with Scarlett on my behalf) but it hurted my back too much so I went back to sleep in my cave bed.

I'll let you know how I'm doing in a couple more days. Thanks for the limerick!

Thursday, April 10, 2008



Sorry it's been so terribly long since I last posted here. I have a confession to make that might help you understand why I haven't been blogging.

As you know, my Mom is real sick. I guess it's not the kind of sickness that goes away after you take some nasty medicines from the babydoctor either because she's been sick for many months. And she goes and gets medicines every week or so and then comes home and feels crummy for a long time. She doesn't have a lot of energy most of the time so she can't take me to the dog park or for walks or very much of anything most days. Usually, we just lay around together and I try to guard the front door from intruders that might want to come in.

So my confession is this...Mom types my blog entries for me. Because...well...truth be told...I cannot type. I don't know how. My fingers don't spread apart enough to press the buttons right. So I have my mom type while I dictate what I want her to say on my behalf. And we all just pretend that it came from me anyway. It's always been a nice arrangement until lately when Mom just doesn't feel good enough to type for me. I can understand that. It's not like she doesn't get out at all. She's not bedridden all the time or anything. Sometimes she and Dad go out to dinner or shopping. In fact, a couple weeks ago, MomDad loaded me and Scarlett in the car and we drove all the way to Santa Fe for a few days! That was so much fun! And then MomDad had to stay at the hospital overnight one night so we got to stay at the Dog Hotel at Petsmart! That was fun!

Anyway, since Mom has to maintain her own blog on an almost daily basis, she doesn't have a lot of energy left to take pictures and help me type my own blog. We'll try very hard to do it more often though...maybe Dad could help out, too. I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted here! Jeeesh! Sorry about that.

So keep checking back. Eventually I can tell you all about my adventures chasing squirrels in the back yard and stuff. Take care!