Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm a HERO

Since I last posted, both Scarlett and I and the girls and Brudder had birfdays. I turned 5. Scarlett turned 1. The girls are now 12 and Brudder is 4. Whew.

Mom planted something called Catnip outside and every once in a while brings in these green leaves that smell awful to me but the kitties seem to like to sniff, roll around and eat them. It makes them crazy though. Makes them run around and play with their toys and look and act all goofy and stuff. Then they get all lovey-dovey with Mom and rub up on her and mew and stuff. It's weird. I think it's drugs. I just say no to that kind of stuff.

Every two weeks some people come to my house with rags and a scary SuckyMonster (vacuum) and then Mom takes me and Scarlett and keeps us locked up with her in the purple bedroom while these people roam around our house and talk and laugh and stuff. Then an hour or so later we get to come out and sniff around and everything's clean and sparkly and we're not allowed to mess stuff up and Scarlett's not allowed to take all of her toys out again until Mom forgets all about it later in the night or the next day. I'm telling you this because right now these people are here and I'm used to it. I just lie on the bed and half sleep/half stay alert to what's happening on the other side of the door. Scarlett runs around the room whining and carrying on, especially when those people are out there talking nice and sweet to Brudder then she gets jealous and really wants out there because she thinks she's cuter than Brudder and probably they would like to pet her and talk to her that way instead. Silly Scarlett.

Last weekend we got to go to GrandpaDave's house and explore and run around on his property. He has many acres and birds and a giant bird called an Emu and three goats. Mom took Scarlett and me to see the goats but they looked kind of skiddish to me so I stayed far away from them. Scarlett wanted to be close to Mom (always!) so she risked it and was closer to the goats. THey were fine though. Didn't hurt either one of them. Then we went back inside where GrandpaDave has kitties of his own in there and we're not allowed in the basement unless MomDad take us down there because there's yummy cat food which I love and tootsie rolls in sand down there too. Scarlett was exploring one of the kitties and I guess got too close like I did one time...that kitty scratched Scarlett on her eyelid and even made her bleed! I ran up when I heard the commotion and separated the two of them because that's my job and she's my little sister, even though she's super annoying most of the time. I made that kitty run off and then made sure Mom came to care of Scarlett's bleeding. I was a HERO. I do that a lot at home when our own kitties get into fights and stuff. HERO. That's me!