Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Been a Busy Boy

Whew. I have been really busy lately. So much is going on in my life and there's not been a lot of time to take and upload pictures. So, you'll just have to settle for the written description instead.

We dogs had fun at GrandpaDave's in the country, chasing the goats and birds and other dogs and stuff. We all got to go to the airport with him to pick up MomDad but I was the only dog allowed to run around the car while he was driving - the girls had to stay in their kennels while I helped GrandpaDave drive and chew gum.

We got back at home with MomDad and it was nice to be home, napping on my couch, humping my monkey in my own room, sleeping in my own bed next to my own Dad.

A few days later, Mom told us that Ophelia was going to live with GrandpaDave! LUCKY! That's so not fair. I should go there since I am the ManDog. But Mom said that Ophelia wasn't very happy and wasn't fitting in here with me and Scarlett and the kitties and that GrandpaDave would be so very happy if she went to live with him. When she put it that way, I started to understand. Ophelia would just bark and bark all the time and run away from Scarlett and wouldn't play with toys or anything. And then she started doing something even too gross for me! She started eating her poos! YUCK! Mom said it was because she was nervous and unhappy at our house but that doesn't make sense to me...if you're nervous and unhappy, just dig through the trash or shred some kleenexes or whine until you feel better - don't eat your poos! Nasty.

So Ophi's been at GrandpaDave's for a few days now and I hear that she's very happy there. She plays and guards the house with the Great Pyranees dogs, Xena and Bear, and shares GrandpaDave's lap with his kitties. I'm glad she's happy there. I hope I can still visit and play with her sometimes.

You're probably wondering how Scarlett felt about Ophelia moving away? Yeah...she barely even noticed. The only thing she noticed was that half of "her" new toys had disappeared (when Ophelia came to our house she brought her giant basket of toys that Scarlett immediately claimed as her own). Scarlett's too hyper to notice much, really.

We've been working hard on Squirell Patrol in our yard lately. There are three now that taunt us by jumping from the fences to the trees in our yard and flapping their tails at us annoyingly. We just bark and jump and try to figure out how to yank him down so we can catch them.

Well, Mom has started going to her own BabyDoctor to get some medicine put in her every two weeks. She says she might be pretty tired for a long time so I'm going to have to help her out and keep the squirrels away from her a lot. I might not have much time for blogging. But I'll keep checking your blogs and you keep checking back here from time to time. Check out mom's other blog if you want to know what's going on with her.

See ya!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy Vacation

*pant pant* *pant pant* *pant pant*
I am very busy at GrandpaDave's. There is so much to do! He has 60 acres for us to patrol and lots of birds and goats and stuff. I don't have time to talk about it all because I need to get back to sniffing out this new coyote. Here's GrandpaDave's account (he started calling us the Wild Dogs):

Dobby doesn’t like to eat when he comes to my house. Ophi is a little that way too and all three don’t like eating out the bowls. BUT—I noticed that they are all over me when I am eating and if I drop a crumb or two they are on it like stink on a skunk. So--- we invented a new and very exciting eating technique that everyone (all wild dogs that is) eagerly participate in. I swept my kitchen floor first. Then when it is time for them to eat, I spread two hand full’s of their food across the clean floor and they vacuum it in seconds. They think they are getting a find – it brings out the wild dog hunting instincts and it is fun. Oh – I also get freshly polished floors. As I type this, they are dining on the floor of the deck. Now this is a real wild dog hunt as it is outside and I spread a lot of food in all directions so they have to hunt for it and they do—then they can go down the stairs and hunt for real wild things to put in their mouths and recycle in nature. Happy wild dogs. Xena and Bear usually joins the pack and then they all run around the house a time or two and up and down the hill to the barn and back… Dobby will go to the fence and stare at the goats and when they get irritated at that they charge the fence in a mock attack. Dobby backs off and barks. Scarlett looks on with amazement and Ophi runs to the top of the deck stairs and calls out the game like a sports announcer.

There is a real wild dog, a coyote, that has been hunting mice all day in the hay field and every once in a while Xena or Bear catches his sent and come charging around the house and bark at the coyote. Then the wild dogs come to their support and start barking here in the house. They look a little confused and embarrassed when I ask them if they know why they are barking. Now when they are outside on the deck – they seem to sent the coyote to and actually know why they are barking and they look out across the field and just dare the coyote to come into the yard. You know how tough Dobby thinks he is and especially with Bear and Xena backing him up. Tough guy.

I just asked the pack if they wanted to go with me tomorrow to pick you guys up [at the airport] and IMMEDATELY Ophi barked twice and Dobby headed for the garage door. Scarlett just ran with Dobby running circles around him as they both traversed the house. So it was two votes for and one abstention. The wild pack will be with me when we pick you up.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here We Are!

Check us out! Chillin' at GrandpaDave's...

On Vacation

MomDad had to leave town to go to some fancy hospital to help Mom get not-so-sick. So we packed me, Scarlett and Ophelia up and headed out to GrandpaDave's! Here's an update from Grandpa Dave after our ride to his house:

Somebody pooped in Dobby’s kennel on the drive from your house to my house. It couldn’t possibly be one of your dogs as they all did DOGS-OUT for quite a while while I was loading dog food and the toy bag in my car. They in fact were out there so long that Ophelia was barking and barking terribly annoyed at my lack of service in letting her back in. Anyway, Dobby got a short bath – from the belly down and the kennel cleaned out and the bed is in the washer as we I type this. Scarlet got slapped right away by Lacy (cat) but there has been a short truce declared. Bob and Kendal (other cats) are now where to be found.

I introduced the troop to Bear and Xena (two Great Pyranees dogs). Xena got a head ache and retreated to Xena Hill. She came down a little later to pee on a spot that Scarlet peed on a few minutes ago. Dobby ran out of pee. He peed his way all the way around the house trying to mark higher than Bear does but to no avail. You know, it just isn’t fair. Bear's belly is higher off the ground than Dobby’s ear tips. But anyway, Dobby tried. After getting over the shock, Bear kept trying to get a game of chase or jump or just anything with Dobby but Dobby was too busy trying to pee higher and higher. Bear is very excited to have play partners.

Right now, there is a small dog in every part of the down stairs as they check out the new territory and all the smells. Dobby IMMEDIATELY went to where the cat bowl usually is but I had outsmarted him and put it up before leaving this afternoon. He dug something out of the wood box by the fireplace to chew on. He coughed a couple of times but by the time I got over there he either swallowed it or spit it our some place. I just heard a tenitive ‘woof’ from Scarlet in the family room. I be she has Bob or Lacy ‘treed’ under one of the coffee or end tables.

This is going to be fun!

And then this morning:

Well the night was uneventful mainly because I had your pack spend the night in their kennels. The cats had all disappeared and the dogs were hyper. Now we are sitting on the deck with the stairs blocked so no one can go down to eat bird poop that seems to be available for the tasty treat that Dobby seems to think it is. We had social time earlier with Bear and Xena. Xena is curious but reserved. Bear wants to get a game going but these little dogs move too fast for him. When he tries to incite a game – suddenly the small dog runs under him and is on his back side. He can’t move that fast and gets confused especially because there are three of them and they are EVERYWHERE! Everyone got a giant (Great Pyrenees size) dog cookie (milk bone) a few minutes ago. Dobby and Scarlet snarfed theirs down but Ophelia is delicately savoring hers. Scarlet keeps volunteering to help her with it but so far she is hording hers and not sharing. We are hanging on the deck, alternately barking at the emu, the goats, other things unseen and wanting to get back in the house. Lacy is inside the door giving the evil eye to all three of our guests and Bob is up on the counter looking very worried. Kendal is holed up in the basement just daring any of them to come down to her liar.