Monday, August 27, 2007

All About Kennels

This is not my kennel.

Obviously it is Scarlett's because of the yucky pink blanket inside. MomDad keep saying "kennel up!" to Scarlett and since I know what that means, I want to show her like a Good Dog.
I have found that when it is time for bed, this is a very comfy place to be. And, since Scarlett is now sleeping under the covers with Mom, the kennel is fair game.

This is my For Real kennel.

Clearly, it is not as comfortable as Scarlett's (see, I knew she got all the best things!).

This is how MomDad say it's supposed to be (except with Scarlett staying in her's!):

Scattergories Meme!

Daisy tagged anyone who wants to do this meme so that means me!

RULES: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made-up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Dobby
4 letter word: Dohh! (MomDad say this all the time!)
Vehicle: Dirt bike
TV Show: Dresden Files
City: Denver (this is the same as what Daisy said but I can say it too since I live in Denver!)
Boy Name: Dorian
Girl Name: Danielle
Alcoholic Drink: Diet Coke
Occupation: Door-to-Door Salesman (it gives me something to bark at)
Something you wear: Dingleberries (not very often though)
Celebrity: Darth Vader
Food: Dog treats
Something found in a bathroom: Doors (which get in my way of attaining and shredding the yummy kleenexes! Dohh!)
Reason for being late: Did not have a watch or know how to tell time even if I did.
Cartoon Character: Dexter
Something You Shout: Don't take my Monkey, Scarlett!!!!

And now I will tag...


Deefor and Arrow

Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OH NO!! Missing!!!

My friend Anastasia over at the Cat Realm has been missing for several days now! This is terrible news! Kitties need to be safe and sound in their homes or own yards, not missing away from home! I am very scared for her and I hope everyone will join me in this event on Sunday that Sheezix threw together.

Come home soon, Anastasia!

I Think We're Bonding

It's been a busy week around here! Mom started back at work full time so she can't stay home and play with us anymore. At least she's not taking Scarlett to work anymore. That was making me so jealous hearing her talk all about all the kids that would pet and play with her there. I've only been there twice and even then only briefly. I guess Scarlett was spending WHOLE DAYS there with Mom! How obnoxious!

Since Mom can't be here with us all day, though, she has to come home at lunchtime to let Scarlett out to pee. She says it's cuz she has a tiny baby bladder but I think it's just cuz she's got Mom wrapped around her little claw.

I think I'm starting to enjoy having Scarlett around more and more every day. I've gotten myself out of my "Grumpy-Old-Man-Saying-Get-Off-My-Lawn" stage pretty well. Now we play chase together at least three times a day. And even sometimes in bed with MomDad! Sometimes we fight over toys. I'll have a toy and then Scarlett will want it and take it from me (I let her have it cuz she's a baby). So I'll just go get another toy. But then she sees me with another toy and then she wants that toy instead so she'll come try to take it from me again. After a while, I am annoyed with this imbicile behavior so I growl and snarl at her, which just makes her bark like a banshee. We have found a small game called Tug-O-War that we sometimes play together. This is a nice compromise.

I've found that there is enough room on Dad's lap for both of us:

Though, sometimes I like to be by myself so MomDad got me a new bed. It's actually a cave. My cave. Like Batman.

Scarlett had to go to the vet today to get tortured. I guess you have to go a lot to get tortured by the vet when you are a puppy. I don't really remember when I was that small. Anyway, I told Scarlett I would go with her to keep her company and offer moral support but mostly I was secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of my beloved girlfriend Kat who is a nurse there. Horray! She was there! She gave Scarlett pretty good care but gave me some especially extra loves because I know she likes me best. She didn't even give me any shots or anything nasty today. Just kisses. Poor Scarlett got a bunch of shots all over. She did not like it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

We have returned to the Blogosphere

We are back home now from our vacation at GrandpaDave's. But Scarlett gave Mom the BIG bitey on her middle finger this morning so she can't help me type much right now because she says it hurts. She can click on the mousey though so we're going to put Scarlett away for a nap and then go visit everyone I missed in BlogLand! More later...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Letter Sent from GrandpaDave to MomDad

(FYI: Xena is GrandpaDave's Great Pyrannees)

Pete & Abbey:

Dobby likes Xena's food. He hasn't touched his food but he has raided
Xena's bowl when he is out for a walk. Scarlett eats and eats and eats
some more. This morning I gave her a handful of food and she wolfed it
down, acted hungry so I gave her some more. She wolfed that down. I gave
her more and she ate that. I gave her more and she wolfed that too. At this
point she had had almost enough to fill Xena up. So I stopped giving her
more food. Then - she proceeded to raid Xena's bowl along with Dobby.

I keep finding tootsie roles around the house. Scarlett has trouble pooping
in my yard as my grass is much higher and there are prickly things out there
like yucca and wild grasses. She saw the peacock and got scared today.

They seem to like Xena's apartment in the garage. It is cool and there is
room to play. I keep the garage door open so they can officiate over what
is going on outside. The deck seems to be OK but it is hot and Dobby keeps
begging to get back inside. I don't leave them in the yard unattended.

Scarlett got slapped by a cat yesterday evening. I think she offended Lacy
in some way. Probably invaded her space. I didn't see the assault but
heard about it.

They like running down to the barn with me. Dobby found the dead fox
(mostly bones and skin now and all dried out) and rolled around in it before
I saw what he was up to and called him off.

More updates later.

Did you guys see dolphins yet?


Friday, August 10, 2007

Going on Vacation!

HORRAY!!!!!! I'm We're going on vacation!!!

MomDad are going to the beach in South Carolina until Thursday. There was some talk and frantic preparation to have some strange lady come stay with us but GrandpaDave came home from his vacation early and so he's going to take us to his house!!!! YAY!!! GrandpaDave's is soooooo cool! He has lots of land for me to run on and birds to chase and a goat to torment. Scarlett can't run so much with me though because she hasn't had all her shots (Neeiner neeiner!). But she will like GrandpaDave's because he is lots of fun.

GrandpaDave is actually coming over tonight so he can load us all up in the car and take MomDad to the FlyingAwayPlace. I'd better go pack all my favorite things!

I'll blog when I get home on Friday!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thirteen Things Scarlett Does to Annoy Me

1. Follows me around like a puppy.

2. Lays down in Mom's lap.

3. Has a PINK bed.

4. Sleeps in Mom's chair.

5. Sits the wrong way at the back door.

6. Gets a new toy every other day.

7. Steals my toys anyway.

8. Won't stay in jail where she belongs.

9. Watches me hunt for meeces.

10. Runs in my yard.

11. Bothers me when I'm in THE CHEWING ZONE.

12. Smells my kitties' butts.

13. Looks sorta cute.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The thing about Scarlett...

I am beginning to think Scarlett is a weirdo. But she's not as bad as she was when she first moved in last week. In fact, she might be kinda smart.

Mom has been letting us go outside together without her or Dad to supervise. Usually, she goes to one side of the yard to do her business while I go to the other side to do mine. Eventually, when our businesses are done, we go to check out each others' businesses. This is how we are getting to know each other.

She sleeps in the bed with me sometimes when she's not in her tiny little kennel. It's okay unless she's touching me then I don't like that very much.

MomDad got her a jail cell on Sunday. It was really cool to see her locked up for once!
But I think she might be a smart dog because it only took her 15 minutes to break out of her jail cell!

So much for that idea.

MomDad and GrandpaFrank keep saying stuff about how I'm not going to be the Alpha Dog for very much longer. What's that supposed to mean? Do they think she is going to take over? I know that Dad is the Alpha Dog and then comes Mom and then me. Next come the kitties and then mayyyyyybe Scarlett. I'm pretty sure Dad could take Scarlett if she tried to take over his position as Alpha Dog. I will have to watch to find out.

Oh, and she howls. She must think she's a coyote. Dad says it's cute but I think it's weird.

The best thing about her so far is when she stops moving, barking or crying so much and sleeps. Maybe I could use her for a pillow some day. Hmmmm

Monday, August 6, 2007


That title is code that tells you that I am participating in the "I Dare You All #2 Not Of My Species Special Friends" game that Karl and Anastasia made up.

I searcheded all over the interwebs for some new and interesting bloggers that are NOMS. First I wanted to choose Scarlett for this game but Mom told me that, despite what I think, Scarlett is of my species since she is a dog. Whatever.

Then, I was looking for a monkey. But I did not find one that knew how to blog.

So I went to the couch and thought long and hard about it. Then it came to me: DAISY! Daisy is a curly cat who I like to visit on the interwebs every single day! Everyone knows that I am an Equal-Opportunity-Cat-Liker so it really made sense that I choose her to be my "Special Friend" (even though she said she likes Scarlett and she likes pink a lot). She always has something interesting and funny to say and great pictures for looking at! She is very friendly to me and helps me when I email her for interwebs help. She does the coolest science experiments like testings on lizards, teaching herself how to operate, and her newest and coolest one is all about sea MONKEYS!!!!

Sooooooo....without further poopoo, here she is! DAISY!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Invasion at my house!!!

I'm very sorry that I have not blogged lately. I've been very distracted, somewhat depressed and extremely annoyed by something that invaded my house on Wednesday. THIS is what has me all wonky:

It's a puppy.

And it's a girl.

And MomDad keep trying to tell me she is now my sister.

And they're also trying to make me be nice to her and not snap at her and they're even forcing me to SHARE with her! Can you believe it?!?! She even has a pink bed! PINK IS GROSS!!!!

I didn't even know what was happening. All I remember is Dad came home from work early on Wednesday and we taked a nap together. Then Mom came home and ran around the house all a-twitter. Then she and me and Dad loaded up in the car and went on a trip. I thought we were going to GrandmaGrandpa's but instead we ended up at some peoples' house I've never been to before. They had some other dogs there. Some were my size. Most of them were small like that girl up there. They all followed me around while I inspected and marked up their yard. I was all cool with this new place we were visiting because they had new and tasty dog food out for me to snack on. The next thing I knew, I was whisked away to the car and when MomDad finally joined me and took me home, that little puppy was in the car with us!!!!

It was horrible. She pooped on Mom first thing. What a dumb girl. Doesn't she know you're not supposed to poop on Mom? That's bad news.

That girl dog spent the night! I was shocked!

Mom kept bringing more and more pink girlie toys in the house which was okay since I really like toys and can always use new stuff to play with. But all of a sudden, she was yelling at me to NOT play with those toys! What the heck?!

I started to lay down the law with that little pipsqueak right away. I said to her, "This is my house. These are my toys. This is my MomDad. Don't touch any of them."
I don't think her hearing is so good.That girl dog is still here. I guess she's supposed to be living with us now. I've started to keep track of things about her so I can figure out how to lure her far far away from us. Here is what I know so far:

1. They call her Scarlett, or Miss Scarlett, or Little Bit, or Scarlett O'Hara. I have yet to figure out what any of those names mean.


3. Just as quickly as she thinks and does all that, she collapses and falls asleep.

4. She really likes pink.

5. She thinks she is big like me and can play with my toys. She is very very wrong.

6. She likes to watch me in the yard a lot.

7. She poops like a ZILLION TIMES A DAY!

I am not sure yet what I am going to do with this thing called Scarlett. First, I must consult with Deefor who also recently experienced a similar home invasion. If anyone else has any advice for me, please leave a comment! I need help here!