Monday, October 22, 2007

Revoked the Prize

Bad news. I guess the place where MomDad were getting their prize from decided not to give it to them after all. Dad says they are called the Stork Company and they reneged on their deal. That sucks. Mom's really sad right now but she's giving me and Scarlett lots of kisses and loves because it makes her feel better. She's a good Mom.

It snowed here yesterday! Yuck! It's so cold and it hurts my footses. But it sure was funny to watch Scarlett with her first encounter with snow! She ran and romped in it like a crazy pup and then barked at a tree for 10 minutes after a clump of snow fell off it and scared her. She's a loon! But today the sun is shining which makes the snow in the yard nice and crusty on the top. That's when I like to go out and explore while trying to stay afloat on top of the snow instead of sinking in deep. It's very hard work and it takes a lot of concentration but I'm pretty good at it. I only fall in every other step or so.

Today is trash day on our street. I hate trash day. Those big trucks sound like Thunderboomers to me. Here comes one now! I have to go hide behind the recliners. See ya!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Interview from Poppy!

My pal Poppy asked me some interview questions the other day and, after giving them a lot of thinking, here are my answers!

1) How do you feel about this test your parents passed? What do you think their prize will be?
I don't really care much about the tests my parents passed. I mean, I'm proud of them and glad that the "studying" is finally over so I don't get kicked off the bed so much anymore. But nothing has really changed for me. Except, now that you mention it, Mom has been more irritable lately and she doesn't let me walk on top of her anymore. Hmmm. I am not convinced that they will actually get a prize for winning this test, unless it's being shipped and is taking a couple weeks to get here. Everyone knows the best prizes are ones that you get right away, especially in the form of a tasty treat of some kind. Maybe that's what it is...a tasty treat. I hope it's turkey flavored. Yum!

2) You and Scarlett look pretty cozy in some of your pictures. What is it like having a sister? Would you recommend it to a friend?
Welllllllllll....mostly it's kinda cool having a sister now. She's fun to play with and chase around the house and the yard. And since she came here, there are more treats being offered and more toys to horde. She's kind of annoying because when I take her bones away from her, she just stands there and barks at me while I am trying to chew on them. Plus she grabs my ManCollar with her teeths and pulls me around until I submit and play with her (usually resulting in a game of Chase). But she helps me on Squirrel Patrol in the yard and I'm enjoying teaching her when to bark and whine to get what you want from MomDad. I would recommend it to a friend, although be sure to tell your MomDad exactly what kind of sibling you want. For me, I knew I wanted a girl dog that wasn't going to be much bigger than me (so I wouldn't get stepped on) and who would let me remain the AlphaDog (that lasted all of about 2 seconds but 2 out of 3 requirements is good enough for me!). So shop around on the internet at dogs. That's what I did.

3) How would you describe the perfect day? What would you do?

Well, I would wake up and get in the car and go straight to MyLindsay's house to pick her up. Then she'd get in the backseat with me and feed me CheeToes while MomDad drive us to Grandma's house. Grandma would have a full dishwasher with all sorts of freshly-dirtied dishes for me to clean and she'd open it and pull out the drawers of dishes as soon as I arrived. Bailey would not be there. He'd be at his Doggie Day Care while I was visiting. Their pantry door would be left open (again!) so that when I am done cleaning the dishes, I could help myself to Bailey's dog treats and food. I would drink all of his water. I would take all of his toys out of his basket and chew on them for about 10 minutes each. Then we'd all get in the car again (this time, Grandma would come with us) and we'd go to MeatManBill's house. Oh, and it's Thanksgiving day, too. At MeatManBill's house there will be a zillion people all standing around eating lots of food. I would, as usual, make my rounds from room to room, begging turkey, stuffing, and other sorts of foods from everyone I could get my paws on. Then I'd ask MeatManBill's dog Rocky to show me where the trash can is and then have him pull out some tasty bits from it for me to enjoy. Then I would find a soft bed to sleep on for a couple of hours. Eventually, I would have MomDad take me home so I could hump my monkey until it's time to go to bed. Scarlett would not be around all day. It would be heaven. Ahhhhh.

4) What is the weather like where you live? Do you have to wear jackets and stuff? Are you pro- or anti-jacket?
Sometimes it's very nice weather. For a few months now it's been warm and sunny. I like to go plop in the yard and bask in the sun for hours on end (working on my tan). But lately I've felt a nip in the air. I think it's going to get cold again soon. That means I'll be shivering at the door and only pooping on the porch because the snow is too deep for me to walk on in the yard. I do have a ski jacket with pockets on the back but I hate wearing it because it makes it hard to pee. HA! Just wait till Scarlett sees the snow! She is going to FREAK OUT! I can't wait!

5) This one is for Scarlett: How did you learn how to climb over your ex-pen? Are you part monkey?
I teached myself to climb out of jail. I don't do it anymore tho. Just that one time. Now MomDad only put me in there when it's time to eat (it's called FOODJAIL) so that Dobby doesn't steal my yummy foods and I don't steal his either. They do put the jail up to keep me from going upstairs when everyone's downstairs and that's usually alright with me because there is lots to do downstairs anyway. I am not part monkey. Yuck. If I was part monkey, Dobby would hump me and that would be nasty. Yuck. Don't even ask me that.

Friday, October 5, 2007

She Passed!

Well, after a few months of studying and taking mini-tests, MomDad finally passed their Baby Test!
That is a picture of two lines that means they passed the test.

I am very proud of my MomDad for working so hard at passing this test and now Dad says there will be lots of interesting foods in the house in the coming months. I can't wait to smell and beg for those!

They're both very excited about it but I'm not sure what they won for passing. I don't see any money or trophy or anything. Dad says, "Just wait and see."

Okay. Now I'm waiting...