Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Stuff

Mom got us dogs a new bed last night. It looks really comfy and cozy. But Nala and Ariel have hogged the bed from me already! I got about three minutes in there this morning and then Ariel came by and bullied me out! They've been like this ever since:
And now Scarlett is barking and whining at them to get them out. I guess she wants a turn. I don't think she'll get it. Keep tryin', sis!

Speaking of Scarlett, she spent a whole day at the BabyDoctor last week and came home with this satellite on her head. She sort of freaks me out when she comes at me with the dish so I just run the other direction. I wonder if she spent the whole day at the BabyDoctor getting that thing permanently attached to her head? Yuck. We might need to get her a second opinion.
Ophelia is adjusting well at our house. She doesn't like Scarlett much but especially not now that Scarlett has that radar dish on her head. They've been trying to sleep near each other sometimes. Here they are on the couch the other day:
And here's a funny thing! I caught Scarlett winking at me the other day. Who knew she was so talented!

Monday, November 5, 2007


My Grammy went away forever last week. MomDad are really really sad and Mom's crying all the time. Lots of new people have been coming and going and Ophelia has come to live with us. I'm not sure where my Grammy went yet but Ophelia says she's in a good place where there is lots of puppy treats. That's good. Grammy always loved giving us puppy treats.
Apparently, there is a party at our house tomorrow afternoon for Grammy so I'll be very busy greeting people, being adored and begging for snacks. I'll try to post more again as soon as I can.