Monday, August 6, 2007


That title is code that tells you that I am participating in the "I Dare You All #2 Not Of My Species Special Friends" game that Karl and Anastasia made up.

I searcheded all over the interwebs for some new and interesting bloggers that are NOMS. First I wanted to choose Scarlett for this game but Mom told me that, despite what I think, Scarlett is of my species since she is a dog. Whatever.

Then, I was looking for a monkey. But I did not find one that knew how to blog.

So I went to the couch and thought long and hard about it. Then it came to me: DAISY! Daisy is a curly cat who I like to visit on the interwebs every single day! Everyone knows that I am an Equal-Opportunity-Cat-Liker so it really made sense that I choose her to be my "Special Friend" (even though she said she likes Scarlett and she likes pink a lot). She always has something interesting and funny to say and great pictures for looking at! She is very friendly to me and helps me when I email her for interwebs help. She does the coolest science experiments like testings on lizards, teaching herself how to operate, and her newest and coolest one is all about sea MONKEYS!!!!

Sooooooo....without further poopoo, here she is! DAISY!!


poppyq said...

what a great choice. Daisy is a very special cat. Have you been watching her science experiment with sea monkeys? Very funny.

She must have a million blogger friends too.

Daisy said...

Oh Dobby, thank you for choosing me for your NOMSS friend! This makes me very happy and proud. I am so glad to have you for my friend. I am purring!

Ali & Fiona said...

Great Choice! Daisy is Fifi's role model. Can we assume that you would like to be our NOMSS friend? because we are going to feature you on our blog today.

Your Friends,
Fifi & Ali

The Cat Realm said...

What a wonderful choice Dobby! We are great fans of Daisy too and we think the two of you make wonderful nomss friends!
Now you have Fiona and Ali AND Daisy as nomss friends! How wonderful is that!
Don't forget to put your name and link in the Mr. Linky at our post!
Thank you soooo much for accepting the Dare!
Your friend Karl